Designed by and for Firefighters

Our customers have always relied on us to provide the best communication solutions to fit their needs, especially in emergencies. That’s why Radicom has been trusted for over 40 years in the business. To hold ourselves true to this reputation, we’re proud to offer the newest and most innovative radio technology. That’s why we are honored to announce that we will be providing the two-way radios that never back down: the L3Harris Extreme 400P.

At its core, the L3Harris Extreme 400P is rugged, uncompromisingly reliable, secure and packaged with 24/7 support for maintenance and upgrades. The hardware alone is able to withstand extreme environment and temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The Extreme 400P features a new heavy-duty, glove-friendly keypad, knobs and a large emergency button allowing access to communication when most dire.

L3Harris’s Extreme 400P also has their industry-leading noise cancellation audio functions, advanced connectivity with data and encryptions and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integration features. With the radio’s unique visual zone indication, you can make sure that all users are on the same channel, keeping your team in sync when you need it most.

Contact us to find out more information on this new and innovative radio technology that can help you when things start to heat up.

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