Radicom is honored to team up with many community heroes for their communication needs, and in October we focus on firefighters. We are proud to serve these brave men and women, and we are grateful for their hard work and many sacrifices.

On October 8-9, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is sponsoring the 41st Annual Memorial Weekend, honoring those individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice. This event is the official tribute to all firefighters who died in the line of duty during the previous year.

The weekend gathering, hosted in Maryland, features public ceremonies and special programs for families and co-workers of fallen firefighters. The commemoration is a time for sharing and healing and a chance to bestow honor upon those firefighters who lost their lives while serving.

Following this tribute weekend, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fire Prevention Week, October 9-15. With the NFPA as its sponsor, Fire Prevention Week was proclaimed as a national observance by President Calvin Coolidge, making it the longest-running public health observance in our country.

During this week, firefighters provide lifesaving education, for people of all ages, on how to stay safe in case of a fire. Fire Prevention Week is observed in remembrance of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which cost the lives of 250 people and caused devastating damage.

When it comes to fire, mere seconds can mean the difference between safety and tragedy. We at Radicom recognize that superior communication solutions are essential for such critical needs and challenging environments.

From community fire departments to regional fire protection districts, Radicom has been a trusted partner for decades. Our detailed, customized communication designs consider an agency’s specific requirements and provide efficient and effective results. Contact us today to find out how our experts can work with you in your fire safety efforts.

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