Resilience is an attribute all firefighters have as dutiful public servants of our communities. With every emergency, their strength is tested, and countless communities count on them to save their lives. Though they cannot know when a fire is going to happen, they can feel prepared knowing their communications will be effective, reliable and resilient as they are.

Radio interference, interruptions to emergency calls, and unreliable radios can lead to potentially dangerous situations—that’s why public safety departments all over the world trust Tait portable and mobile radios. The Tait TP9600 portable and TM9400 mobile radios are built “Tait Tough.” First responders trust Tait for multi-agency coordination in the harshest environments.

The TP9600 offers Wi-Fi connectivity for fleet management, a color screen, clear audio and ergonomic design. With a large 3W speaker and dual-mic noise cancellation, firefighters can ensure the right message is getting across to their team every time as quickly as possible. Never worry about durability in a challenging environment as the TP9600 has an LED screen, dust and waterproof design and a drop-test rating that exceeds military standards. Programmable emergency keys, man down modes and GPS and GeoFencing options, make safety a top feature of the Tait TP9600.

Offering both analog and digital modes, the TM9400 offers encryption management capabilities, Lone Worker functionalities, cutting-edge computing processing and industry-leading durability. With a variety of different colors, it makes it easier for groups to identify equipment in a challenging environment. Dynamic regrouping and super-grouping operations make for elite mission-critical workforce management, and a 2,000-channel capacity makes it easier than ever to communicate your message.

When using Tait products like the TP9600 and TP9400, you never need to put your team or community at risk due to communication failure. To learn more about these technologies, contact us today to see how your organization can become “Tait Tough.”

Tait TP9600 Specs

Tait TP9400 Specs

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