FCC Announces Compliance Dates for 9-1-1 Dispatchable Location Requirements (12/08/2020)

Mission Critical Magazine The FCC announced the dates that certain types of communications systems must comply with dispatchable location requirements stemming from the Kari’s Law Act of 2017 and Ray Baum’s Act. The U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) … Continue reading

Radicom Presents (11/16/2020) Tait Communications |

White Paper: How Cloud Technology can Benefit Public Safety November 10, 2020 https://blog.taitradio.com/2020/11/10/white-paper-how-cloud-technology-can-benefit-public-safety/ Many organizations, both public and private, have harnessed the power of cloud technologies, but most Public Safety organizations are yet to embrace them, due to concerns over security, … Continue reading

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Will a Private LTE Network Work for Your Communications Needs?

10/28/2020 By Scott Neal and Darek Wieczorek | Mission Critical Magazine About a decade ago, the commercial wireless sector launched networks based 4G LTE. The public-safety community, via the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), made a similar decision to deploy … Continue reading

Simplifying In-Building Communications for High-Rise Buildings

10/23/2020 By Tom Kuklo | Brought to You By: Mission Critical Magazine The way we live has changed drastically. With more and more people looking to occupy the world’s major cities, the obvious choice has been to build up. The … Continue reading

IDAS™ Systems: White Paper

08/10/2020 A white paper prepared by Icom America Inc.Manufacturers of high-performance,award-winning radios for over 55 years. IDAS™ Single Site Trunking is a method of providing frequency efficientcommunication in a specific coverage area when using two or more talkgroups. With our … Continue reading

Oil and Gas Firm Upgrades to DMR Tier 2

07/09/2020 By Jorge Luis | Mission Critical Communications To maintain production and worker safety, industries in hazardous environments depend on reliable, organizationwide communications. EP Petroecuador is the national oil and gas company of Ecuador, specializing in the refining, storage, transport … Continue reading

A New Cooperation for Indoor Public Safety Communications Starts Today

07/01/2020 Addressing Performance, Complexityand Economic Challenges For more than 20 years, we have envisioned a world where the safety and security of our first responders and building occupants are never at risk due to weak or incomplete communications and connectivity. … Continue reading

Technology Startups Innovate to Boost Public-Safety Response

06/30/2020 By Danny Ramey | Mission Critical Communications The Tech to Protect challenge from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) is giving startups and entrepreneurs the opportunity to solve critical technology problems facing emergency … Continue reading

Why Private Digital Alerting Networks Make Sense

06/19/2020 How reliable are our networks? How likely or possible is it for hackers to attack infrastructure services? These topics have been intensively discussed in recent months. Public authorities are directly affected by these issues because they also impact their … Continue reading

Communicating in Crisis: How Preparedness Leads to Successful Crisis Management

06/17/20202 Complacency is the biggest impediment to disaster preparedness, both at the individual level and at the agency level. People just don’t think bad things will happen to them. Still, there are a multitude of crises and disasters that can … Continue reading