Bryan Meisinger has been in the fire service for 31 years. 19 of those years have been at the Wheeling Fire Department. Radicom is happy to serve him and the entire Wheeling Fire Department and proud to call him a friend. Bryan is a firefighter, the acting Lieutenant and a trained paramedic. The Wheeling Fire Department provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) level care. This includes hazmat, technical rescue and fire suppression – with three staffed ambulances, two engine companies and a ladder that is cross-staffed with a third ambulance.

We thought Bryan and the Wheeling Fire Department would make a good fit for a Customer Spotlight so we asked him a few questions:

Why did Wheeling Fire Department first choose to work with Radicom?

We chose Radicom when we were at a crossroads with our old radios. As we began looking into replacements, another company quoted us nearly a million and a half dollars for new communication equipment. As our radios were no longer serviceable, we reached out to Radicom to search for an affordable solution. If we couldn’t find an affordable solution, we would’ve had to forfeit to a several-years rollover to absorb such a high cost. Immediately, Radicom set us up with Mark Junkunc who connected our department with an even better radio than the previous company…and for a third of the cost! It was the best decision we have ever made.

What makes Radicom stand out from other communication suppliers?

Mark and entire Radicom team have always gone above and beyond for the Wheeling Fire Department from day one to present. If we have a problem with our communications, we call and within 24 hours somebody is there to fix it. In most cases, it’s usually the same day!

What radios has Radicom been able to help you with?

Radicom has done several well-done installations. They’ve installed all the mobiles in all our vehicles. They’ve also helped us with products such as: Harris XL-200 dual band Starcom/VHF portables, XL 185 VHF portable radios and Kenwood Dual Band Starcom/VHF mobiles. They’ve also installed some Kenwood portables and Tait portable VHF radios.

Has Radicom helped the Wheeling Fire Department with anything besides radios?

Yes, Radicom has also installed several base stations with antennas on the roof of our firehouses. We have set up a Storm Mode radio system in our firehouses. It’s used in bad weather to dispatch units directly, instead of using station alerting. The structures are made of steel and concrete which makes it difficult for portable radios to receive. The base units eliminate that problem. Additionally, Radicom built a mobile radio system for us in the event of a large-scale disaster in Wheeling.

Why is having confidence in your two-way radio and other products provided by Radicom important to you?

It’s important as my life, and the citizens that we protect, depends on our communications getting through. Our radios are subject to very harsh environments and need to perform without a problem. I can say that the radios Radicom has provided us have done that job!

Any other comments or anything that you’d like to add?

I have been in the fire service a long time. Radicom has met and exceeded our expectations every time. It’s never a question as to “if or when,” because they are always spot-on.

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