Mission Critical Magazine White Paper | January 2021

For 20 years, our industry has planned,
dreamed, imagined and designed the next generation of mission-critical solutions for indoor public-safety communications. For 20 years,
we’ve navigated code development and adoption, technology, innovation and business challenges to get us where we are today. Today,
with a clear view of our successes and vision of the mission, you have to ask yourself, are we there yet?
It’s time we take our mission to the next
level. Time to overcome the obstacles, the differences, our disagreements and build aligned relationships. Time to finally and collectively address our market’s growing challenges.
Time to come together to turn vision into reality. A reality we are all working for, where the safety and security of our first responders and
building occupants are never at risk due to weak or incomplete communications and connectivity. Fiplex is ready to take the lead, but we need you to join us in this long overdue, mission-critical future. If you’re a customer, we need you. If you’re a partner, we need you. If
you’re a competitor, we need you. Because indoor public-safety communications shouldn’t wait on us. You know it, and so do we. Our industry has faced too many delays for far too long. It’s time to join forces and turn the past 20 years of unfinished success into total mission accomplished success within 10 years.

Who Will Build It
Changing Changing the approach of an entire industry means
getting every stakeholder at every level on board and engaged.
The best part of this new reality is that, if we build it together, everybody wins. Every city, municipality, structure, precinct, company,
and Solutions Provider. And everybody wins financially as well.
That’s what we mean by Better Buildings, Better Business.
Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and Solutions Providers
have spent decades with parallel visions and perpendicular
approaches. That ends today. Building owners and local code
creators have struggled to share strategies and balance demand
with investment; we no longer have that luxury. Emergency first
responders want this. Building owners and tenants do, too. So do
municipalities, local governments and, even, investors.
And we know we can build it and make it viable because we’ve
done it so many times before. Remember when fire sprinkler systems were brand new and a huge hassle to fund and install? Today
they’re the accepted standard, not just because they save lives,
but because the approach and the business economics align with
code and the expected outcome. Wireless communications can
and must be viewed the same way

What’s Stopping Us
Today’s wireless solutions and RF environment is
simply too complex and, at times, lacks performance which puts
AHJs and Solutions Providers at odds. Its underlying challenges
put our mission in jeopardy. But it doesn’t have to be. Everyone in
the in-building wireless public-safety sector stands to gain from a
better approach to codes, safety and engineering.
Our networks keep getting more complex. Demands on system Our
performance keep increasing. Public Safety and Solutions Providers have a complicated relationship, but a shared vision. Both are
deeply committed, bound to one another and, too often, at odds
with separate fundamental goals, requirements and outlooks.
Together we will we reduce the complexity, satisfy the demand,
create more flexible deployment options and make stronger codes
easier to adopt. The day that starts to happen is the day we begin
closing those gaps and bringing our two sides together at last.
Costs go down, performance goes up and we all begin to scale the
mission-critical success we’re all after.

Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Success
To move this from vision to reality begins with acknowledging where we’ve been and where we’re going. AHJs are increasingly behind the wireless technology curve, struggling to address complex in-building public-safety wireless solutions. That
makes them reliant on Solutions Providers. At the same time, Solutions Providers struggle to manage their bottom line as they, too,
navigate the complexity and performance challenges that hinder
profitability or business growth.
Better Buildings, Better Business brings these two players onto
the same field at last, turning them into partners with equal stake and equal control. As we combine forces for more in-building public-safety wireless solutions, we adopt and comply with more fire
safety code mandates. Increased communication and connectivity
performance for our first responders means we finally see true mission-critical functionality and survivability. That reduces the complexity of wireless technology for AHJs, and also assures compliance
and fiscal success for Solutions Providers.
Imagine completing more profitable projects by leveraging better
in-building public-safety wireless solutions. Imagine providing advanced feature sets that make in-building wireless more intuitive,
easier, faster to design and less complex. Imagine procuring, installing, deploying and securing AHJ approvals faster and with more
cooperation. Imagine fewer challenges and mistakes plus lower installation and operation costs. Better Buildings, Better Business
makes first responders safer. Now stop imagining and join Fiplex as
we make it happen.

Why Fiplex
Fiplex is a leading innovator of mission-critical solutions for indoor public-safety communications. We have seen a lot
of progress since we launched in 1995 to deliver innovative telecom
products focused on Public Safety and mission-critical applications.
We witnessed the 9/11 Commission Report that led to radio communications so buildings could better connect with public-safety
agencies. We welcomed FirstNet and its benefits for a nationwide
public-safety broadband network as well as increased adoption and
enforcement of fire safety codes requiring indoor communications
for first responders.
We’ve been around long enough to recognize that
Better Buildings, Better Business requires facing our industry’s
three primary challenges head-on: Performance, Complexity and
Economics. With your help, we’ll collectively innovate and support
solutions that perform in real world scenarios, lower complexity and
create real economic viability for all buildings.

Where We Start
Complexit Complexity. It’s the genesis of and ongoing culprit
creating conflict or mistrust between AHJs and Solutions Providers.
Reduce the complexity and deliver solution flexibility and we increase the speed, access and delivery of new technology solutions for
mission-critical success. Along the way we are mandating a true
mission-critical performance focus while never losing sight of the
economic hurdles that face us all. Fiplex has adopted the Better
Buildings, Better Business mantra and is working relentlessly to Buildings,
ensure our resources are focused 100% on scaling, accelerating
and ensuring the viability of our industry’s mission.

Take a Stand with Fiplex
We’re all on the same page when we share the same
challenges, relationships and vision. If you’re a wireless industry
stakeholder, we want you with us. If you’re a direct competitor, we
want you with us. We only start to ultimately address our market’s
challenges, create a virtuous marketplace and turn the vision of first
responder and building occupant safety into reality if we do it together. Better Buildings, Better Business starts today.

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