Three trends driving the demand for cellular BDAs in apartment buildings


As apartment owners look for ways to drive more renters to move in and stay longer, there’s one differentiator that they often overlook: cellular reception. By having more reliable cell coverage throughout the entire complex, an apartment may be significantly more desirable than another one right next door.

If a tenant can’t get good cell coverage on a day to day basis, it may be cause enough for them to move elsewhere. Right now there are three trends driving the need for better cell coverage in rental properties.

Growth in 5G
As 5G becomes more widely available, people will have an expectation that they can easily access this higher bandwidth. Many cellular providers will install 5G, but whether it’s accessible to customers is another story.

More Work/School from Home
The pandemic has left many professionals and students using higher demand steaming services at home. While some may use Wi-Fi, others are relying on their smart phones for use as hot spots to run laptops and tablets. Virtual meetings and classes require high bandwidth, and as more residents are getting online simultaneously, it places a higher demand on the cell lines. Employers are seeing that workers at home are more productive, so this trend will likely continue long after the pandemic is over.

Emergency Access without Land Lines
More people than ever are dropping their land lines and using only cell phones. In the case of an emergency situation, people need peace of mind that they can reach 911 at home. This is especially important for older tenants with medical conditions.

In all of these cases, having a cellular bi-directional amplifier (BDA) installed in the apartment building will eliminate dead zones so people always have coverage in their own homes. Buildings with Low-E glass windows or those constructed of wood and steel experience even more cellular interference and have a greater need for cellular BDAs.

Property owners that can promote excellent cellular coverage throughout their buildings will have one more amenity that makes them a highly desirable location for renters today.

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