Communication Solutions for Manufacturing & Distribution

For more than 50 years, Radicom has been a trusted partner of commercial manufacturing and distribution enterprises in the provision of effective advanced communication technology.

Radicom assists companies, large and small, by creating radio communication systems that allow the enterprise to be more efficient, effective and productive.

The wheels of commerce roll along every day. Your customers forget what you did for them yesterday. They want to know what you'll do today and what you’ll be doing for them tomorrow. Meanwhile, someone is always watching the bottom line. Who’s watching out for you?

Radicom proudly represents superior mobile and portable radio products from manufacturers Harris, Tait, JVCKenwood, and ICOM.

As a manufacturer-independent provider of radio technologies, Radicom will always work toward creating a communications solution that answers your needs at a competitive, cost effective price. And, you can rely on Radicom to provide excellent service for the products it sells.

  • Portable and Mobile Radios (LMR & DMR)
  • Radio System Infrastructure (Digital & Analog)
  • Radio Dispatch Systems
  • Microwave Technologies
  • Voice & Data Cabling
  • Emergency Warning Systems
  • In-Building BDA & DAS Systems
  • Security Surveillance Systems
  • Installation & Repair
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