Two Way Radio Frequency Communication Technologies

Using experience gleaned from decades of supporting public safety communication systems, Radicom provides innovative, integrated solutions for hospitals, schools, and manufacturing entities to provide:

  • Superior in-building radio coverage
  • Integration of radio frequency, telephony, wireless, and IP technologies
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance programs

We have a long history of design, installation, and implementation of radio frequency solutions in many commercial and public service facilities.

Two Way Radios
Radicom sells, supports, and services the following for businesses, schools, hospitals, and public safety agencies in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin:

  • Digital two way radio
  • Emergency two way radio
  • Mobile two way radio
  • Police radios
  • Police two way radio
  • Security two way radio
  • Two way radio communication
  • Two way radio equipment
  • Two way radio systems

Radio Coverage Enhancement and Conveyance
Distributed Antenna Systems and Bi‑Directional Amplifiers: Radicom provides enhanced in-building radio coverage using Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Bi‑Directional Amplifiers (BDA). These devices act as signal boosters, often required by law, to improve radio system performance in areas of poor reception. They are also an important aid in assisting first responders ensure critical communication in the event of emergencies. BDA systems and DAS are most frequently deployed in government facilities, schools, sports arenas, public venues, commercial distribution centers, hospitals, high-rise buildings, office complexes, and large warehouses. Radicom applies years of experience in the custom design of in-building BDA systems and DAS, and ensures optimal installation to achieve superior performance.

Microwave Radio Communication: With the continuing retirement and growing cost of copper telephone circuits used as a means of transmitting data in public and commercial environments, Radicom has become expert in the use of microwave communication technology as an efficient and cost effective alternative for access and backhaul challenges faced by network operators. Because of the critical nature of these networks, microwave radio systems must be ultra-reliable and Radicom should be your trusted partner in the provision of this technology.

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