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Public Safety Communication Solutions

911 Call Center Design, Installation, Service, Support

State, county, and municipal public safety first responders rely on Radicom's expertise and capabilities for their critical communication needs. Radicom is recognized as a regional expert in the design, integration, installation, and support of:

  • 911 emergency center communication systems
  • Radio dispatch systems
  • Mobile and portable radio devices
  • Fully integrated telecom systems
  • Closed circuit video surveillance systems
  • FCC license services
  • Site analysis
  • Tower work

Radicom's expertise and integration support is combined with industry-leading communication technology products from Harris, Kenwood, Zetron, Hytera, Whelen Engineering, JPS/Raytheon, Pyramid Communications, Otto Engineering, ICOM, Tait, Solacom, EF Johnson, and Telex Bosch. This combination ensures the absolute best performance and reliability available in the industry to public and private sector organizations.

Radicom proudly services all products it sells. Our highly skilled and trained service personnel provide prompt and expert workmanship, whether through a 'no worries' service contract or on a time-and-materials basis.

Interoperability: With an eye on the future, Radicom, Inc. has taken the lead in directing its valued public safety customers to industry-standard P25 trunked or conventional digital communications systems with state-of-the-art Internet Protocol (RoIP) architecture which provides for, before unknown, interoperability capabilities.

Future Technologies: Radicom has strategically positioned itself to be prepared and ready to support exciting new technologies, such as WIMAX and Mesh Networks.

Grant Writing Resources: In the wake of the events of September 11th, 2001 and other potential terrorist actions, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has mobilized in providing grant funds for deserving public safety initiatives. Radicom has partnered in identifying and utilizing grant-writing resources to assist municipal, county and state entities in the preparation of required documentation and securing federal grant funds.

Technical Certifications: Radicom personnel are the proud holders of FCC, NABER, and PCIA certifications, as well as various sales and technical certifications from Harris, Kenwood, Comdial/Vertical, Hytera, and Zetron.

Additional Services Available: Radicom offers a full array of complimentary services in support of its superior product lines, including service/maintenance contracts, local and remote project management services, site surveying, feasibility studies, system/network design services, tower work, and emergency/contingency planning services.

Cabling & Wiring: Radicom specializes in the preparation, cabling and build-out of police and emergency vehicles, including mobile radios, mobile data networks, digital in-car video systems, sirens and emergency LED lighting.

Public Safety Centers

Radicom designs, installs, and supports 911 call center infrastructure in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Our 911 call centers combine decades of radio experience with cutting edge technology and a complete understanding of current regulations that influence public safety departments' ability to serve. A public safety communication system from Radicom can connect dispatchers to police, EMS staff in ambulances, fire personnel, and other public safety employees.

  • 911 call centers
  • 911 communication centers
  • 911 emergency call centers
  • Ambulance dispatch systems
  • Communication centers
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Emergency communication centers
  • Emergency dispatch
  • Emergency services call centers
  • Fire dispatch
  • Police dispatch
  • Public safety communication systems

Outdoor Emergency Warning Sirens

Radicom is a full sales and service dealer for Whelen Emergency Warning, Tornado, and Fire Station Sirens:

  • Tornado Sirens
  • Outdoor Warning Sirens
  • Firehouse Sirens
  • Early Warning Alerts
  • Civil Defense & Terrorist Alert Sirens
  • Si Test® Silent testing
  • Electronic siren with very low power drain
  • Radio or wire line control with one way or two way control
  • Solar power option
  • Battery backup option
  • Robust Drivers for loud, clear audio
  • Multiple types of alert siren tones
  • Pre-recorded voice messages and Public Address capability

Does your community have adequate outdoor emergency siren coverage? Radicom can help you determine the answer. Radicom and Whelen Engineering have a rich history that provides continuity during uncertain times. Your community's outdoor warning siren system or high powered voice warning system will be viable for years to come.

A Radicom Outdoor Warning Siren System Specialist will meet with your organization to provide a detailed assessment of your current system including: coverage, hardware inspection, narrow banding considerations, battery backup readiness, and recommended system upgrades.

To assure the best possible outdoor warning coverage, the location, height, and placement of each new siren is considered along with the type of siren utilized. Radicom's experienced staff works with your community to complete an outdoor warning survey and develop a master plan that assures your readiness for the future. We understand implementing a warning system can be a daunting process. We handle everything from project evaluation and system design to production, installation, and training.

Radicom also provides Whelen Visual Warning Products for any community with hearing-impaired individuals. Whelen Engineering offers both indoor and outdoor products that use a visual warning signal and can be operated in conjunction with outdoor warning sirens.

Our technicians are trained, experienced, and have the proper equipment to service your Whelen system. Our staff focuses on providing prompt, effective service solutions to maintain your warning siren system. In addition to Whelen products, we can evaluate and/or repair other manufacturer's products as necessary. Standard services include:

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreements
  • System evaluation for repairs and upgrades
  • Emergency and normal repair services

Whelen's Factory warranty is considered the gold standard of the Outdoor Warning Siren System (OWSS) Industry.

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